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 حصرياً برنامج Alias MotionBuilder Pro 7.0

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المساهمات : 186
تاريخ التسجيل : 22/06/2008

مُساهمةموضوع: حصرياً برنامج Alias MotionBuilder Pro 7.0   السبت أغسطس 30, 2008 8:08 am


Alias MotionBuilder Pro 7.0

برنامج تحريك الصور و نسخة جديدة احترافية،
لعمل الرسومات المتحركة بدقة متناهية يعتبر من
أفضل البرامج لهذا المجال يفيد اهل التصاميم و مخرجي
السينما والتلفزيون و فيها كل الادوات اللازمة لذلك.

مميزات البرنامج:

Alias MotionBuilder Pro is the pre-eminent character performance and animation package for game, film, and broadcast production. It provides animators and animation directors with all of the functionality found in MotionBuilder Standard along with such advanced capabilities as motion capture data mapping and editing, and optical data clean-up. Additional tools include support for asset management integration (Alienbrain and Microsoft VSS); Python ******ing capabilities; support for Nvidia CgFX shaders and the OpenReality SDK - for the creation of custom plug-ins.

Product Highlights:
- Complete motion capture editing solution
Avoid the delays, potential mistakes and creative compromises often associated with outsourcing this important task. Import files from any industry-standard mocap software and use MotionBuilder’s powerful, cleanup, blending and manipulation features to prepare your data. Next, take advantage of the software’s advanced tools for mapping face and body motion data onto your characters.
- Python ******ing
Support for the popular, easy-to-use, Python ******ing language allows game developers, and others, to better integrate MotionBuilder into their production pipeline. Python enables users to automate repetitive tasks and extend features without leaving the MotionBuilder environment.
- Software developer kit
Use the ‘Open Reality’ SDK to create custom tools and features that plug into MotionBuilder Pro. In-house developers can create project-specific functionality, which accommodates specific workflows and requirements. This is an essential resource for the creation of importers/exporters for game engines.
- CgFX shader support
Import CgFX shaders, customize them, apply them and visualize your content (through advanced hardware rendering). MotionBuilder’s CgFX shader supportalso gives users greater control of their shaders’ real-time parameters, such as bump depth, color and specularity.
- Character Performance and Animation Technology
Alias MotionBuilder delivers numerous timesaving features that enable you to generate unsurpassed character animation faster than ever. An expanded suite of keyframing tools gives you the ability to quickly and precisely work with both keyframe and motion capture data. New, rigging and precision animation tools deliver complete control over character manipulation, posing and motion dynamics.
- Pipeline Tools
Alias MotionBuilder improves the productivity, connectivity, and extensibility of any animation production pipeline. Production progress is now even easier to track with MotionBuilder’s improved Story Timeline pre-visualization and preview capabilities. Version 7 also delivers a new Sets tool that can be used to improve scene performance; and new pipeline integration features – such as the ability to store data in a scene for use by downstream applications, and a reworked SDK call-back system.
- Workflow Enhancements
Alias MotionBuilder contains new functionality that both streamlines the animation process and allows the software to interact still more seamlessly with other popular 3D packages. An improved, more intuitive user interface contains new and enhanced navigational toolbars, a redesigned Properties Viewer, and the ability to emulate the hotkeys of other 3D packages. Moreover, as of MotionBuilder, new navigation buttons and manipulators make it easier than ever to work in the Viewer.

* * * * *
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